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The Questions our Bookkeepers Hear the Most

► Small business will always ask the question "Why does my business require a bookkeeper and why should I outsource?"

▼ Keeping your finances in order is extremely important. A good bookkeeper can provide an accurate financial picture of your business at any time. Your business requires up to date books to complete tax returns and produce financial reports that may be required for banks or investors at short notice. Outsourcing your bookkeeping allows your business and yourself to focus on generating revenue activities rather than handling paperwork that no one ever has time for.

► My staff is experienced, however on occasion requires help with those once-off tasks.

▼ This is where an experienced bookkeeper is perfect. We would visit your business on those once-off occasions and assist staff with queries that don’t come up regularly like group certificates, end of year software and financials, tricky payroll questions, interpreting ever-changing ATO rules and regulations.

► Our accounts clerk has left the company in a hurry and their replacement did not receive a handover, so training is required.

▼ That’s no problem at all, our staff are professional, experienced and very patient. We can provide onsite and ongoing training to anyone.

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